Sell used Samsung tablets

The average smart device owner buys a new device or upgrades every 13 months. This means the old device is either disposed or scrapped, or it’s put in the drawer where it spends the rest of its useful life. That is the case with most of us. Not anymore – with Ek Buyers, you can sell used Samsung tablets, phones and wearables in no time and get a handsome cash amount for them.

Why should you sell used Samsung tablets to us?

There are a lot of reasons why you should trust Ek Buyers with your used tablets and other smart devices. First off, we are trusted by numerous people across the US who sell their used, damaged and refurbished devices to us. We provide the best market cash-in price guarantee. This means that your Samsung device will not be offered a higher cash price anywhere else.

Another reason is because we’re one of the few used electronics buyers in the US who provide free shipping for your devices. This means you don’t have to pay out anything to get your device to us. We will cover the shipping expenses while giving you the best price for your device.

Easy payment via PayPal so you can cash-in ASAP

We get the cash to you in a few hours after we’ve received your device and it has passed inspection. We pay via PayPal so the cash gets to your wallet within seconds and you can use it on the go however you’d like.

We can help you donate to a charity of your choice

Why give out money out of your own pocket when you can sell used Samsung tablets to us and we’ll route the money to a charity of your own choice. Simply send us details of the charity and consider it done!