Sell used Microsoft tablets

Why dispose your use Microsoft tablet when you can sell it to us and get cash in return? If you have a used Microsoft tablet that is not working or is refurbished or it’s just laying around in your drawer ever since you bought a new one, we will buy it from you. Ek Buyers is one of the most trusted buyers of used tablets and smartphones. Sell used Microsoft tablets to us for great cash value.

Sell us your used tablets in three simple steps

Send us details regarding your Microsoft tablet today and describe us its condition and we will get you a cash-in price for your used device in no time. Upon acceptance, you will send us your device packed in a box. If you’re wondering what the shipping will cost, then don’t worry – we have got it covered for you.

Sell used Microsoft tablets to us and we will pay for your device’s shipping for all tablets. No questions asked. This way, you don’t have to pay out anything out of your own pocket for selling your used Microsoft tablet.

The final step is getting the funds over to you, and we get it in your wallet the fastest we can – via PayPal. Give us your PayPal details and we will electronically transfer the money to you so that you can buy your next tablet, use it elsewhere or just keep it for now, whatever you’d like.

Oh, and if you would like to donate to a charity – let us know. We will transfer the money to any charity of your choice. An old/ broken/ refurbished electronic device sold off and a donation made – that is a win-win. Sell used Microsoft tablets to Ek Buyers today and cash in fast!