Galaxy Note 5

Reasons to Consider Sell Used Galaxy Note 5

Ok, so you have purchased yourself a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or the latest version. You are wondering what to do with your old smart phone. Is it working and in a good condition? Perhaps you can consider giving it to a homeless shelter or a recycling center? While they may or may not accept it, you should strongly think to sell used galaxy note 5 for cash.

Why people like to purchase used phones?

People like to make use of used phones because they might want to use a phone which they liked very much or they want to get a decent phone for themselves or somebody they love for now as they cannot afford a new one. The reasons could be many. You will be surprised to know that the smart phone market for used phones is a lot.

Whatever the situation, buyers like to purchase used phones and pay a decent amount for it. There is no reason for you to feel that you are going to sell your phone for a very low price. You can expect something for it, provided you make use of the right kind of website. Yes that is right there are websites which deal with these kinds of things.

They will accept your phone, provided it is in good working condition and then quote a price for it. However, you will want to choose the site well because scammers will run away with your decent old phone, only to never be heard of. The process is simple. You need to make sure that your old phone is in good working condition.

Normally, they accept phones which come with no scratches. It is acceptable to have few minor signs of wear and tear. The phone should work flawlessly with no software or hardware issues. In some cases, smart phones are taken provided they can be serviced. The site usually are sellers and do not deal with technicians who repair phones.

Hence they would prefer phones which are in good working condition. Hope you found this article useful on why to sell galaxy note 5. Remember to go through the website carefully and read all the terms and conditions before selling your smart phone, that way you know that you are making the right decision.

There are scammers around waiting to rob you of your hard earned money, so take your time and research well.

upto $170.00

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How selling your used Galaxy Note 5 on Ek Buyers works

Step 1 :- Select your device

Answer a couple of questions and find out how much your used Galaxy Note 5 is worth, Accept the offer.

Step 2 :- Ship your Device

Check your email for a free shipping label, use it to ship your used Galaxy Note 5.

Step 3 :- Get paid

After we receive the Galaxy Note 5, we will inspect the device and send out the payout for your Galaxy Note 5 within 2 business days

Additional information


AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon


32GB, 64GB


Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Broken

Why Sell?

The Galaxy Note 5 was an amazing device but of course there will be always better devices, so sell your used Galaxy Note 5 for top cash and easily upgrade to the device you want. Ek Buyers has made extremely easy and fast to sell used cellphones, smartwatches, and other electronics for the best payouts, offering price match guarantee along with 2 days payout. Contact Ek Buyers for more details and if you have any questions about how to sell your used Galaxy Note 5.

Condition Requirements


Your device is in Flawless condition if all of the following are true:

  • No scratches.
  • No cracked screen or damaged hardware.
  • Everything works perfectly.


Your device is in Good condition if all of the following are true:

  • Few scratches.
  • No cracked screen or damaged hardware.
  • Everything works perfectly.


Your Device is fully functional with moderate wear such as deep scratches or scuffs (no cracks).:

  • Deep scratches.
  • No cracked screen or damaged hardware.
  • Everything is functional.


Your device is in Poor condition if any of the following are true:

  • Water damage
  • Broken or cracked hardware (screen, charging ports, casing, buttons, etc.).
  • Display and Touch not working.


Device is complete but has functional or physical problems that prevent it from working properly:

  • Missing buttons (power, home, ringer, volume).
  • Broken or cracked hardware (screen, charging ports, casing, buttons, etc.).
  • Device’s internal hardware is shown.
  • Display and Touch must work.
  • Your cell phone must not reported lost or stolen.
  • No balance owed to your cellular provider.


How long does it take for me to receive my payout for my Galaxy Note 5

It takes no more than 2 days for us to send out your payout.

Who pays for the shipping for my item?

Ek Buyers always pays for the shipping.

Will my Ek Buyers remove my personal information from my Galaxy Note 5

We completely wipe off everything inside the phone to keep our customers information safe using special software and hard reset on the phone.