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Please Contact us.

Please Contact us

You will receive a free USPS / FedEx shipping label through email after you have accepted the quote for your used electronics.

How to disable Find My Iphone

Go to Settings

Scroll Down then Click on iCloud

Scroll Down then Click on Sign out

Click on Delete from Iphone

Enter Your Password

Click on Turn off


You have now disabled “Find my iPhone”

Please Contact your Service Provider. They will be able to Deactivate your Service.

How to Restore your Iphone

Go to Settings

Click on General

Scroll Down then Click on Reset

Click on Erase All Content And Settings

Click on Erase Iphone

Click on Erase Iphone Once Again

After accepting the quote for your old device, You have 30 days to send in your device and get the same or higher payout.

We give customers 30 Days so they can buy a new phone by that time and not risk devaluing their old gadget.

If the Payout Price Decreases after you locked the price, you will get the higher price.
If the Payout Price Increases after you locked the price, you will get the higher price.

We’re committed to providing the highest payouts every day, on all devices. If a competitor is offering a greater price for your device, We’ll Match it or even Beat it.

Price Match Details

Our customers must inform us of the price and buyer.

We reserve the right to verify the price and make the final decision.

If we increase the payout in the next 30 days, we will match our higher price and pay you the difference, upon request.

Who we price match to

We price match to phone carriers, electronic brands and Trade-in sites.
Companies like Apple | Samsung | BestBuy | Gamestop | Gazelle | NextWorth | BuybackWorld | Max Back

What we do not cover

We do not price match to what other Third Party consumers are paying you.

We do not price match to websites like Ebay, Swappa and e.t.c.

No, Not at all.

After we receive the device, We check out everything during our inspection process. If we find out that the device is lost or stolen, we require the customers identity.

Please Note: Make sure you report that your device has been lost or stolen to your carrier or your manufacturer.

You must have already sold at least one device to Ek Buyers.

As soon as your friend sells their first device, the cashback will be credited into your pay pal account or you can get paid through cheque as well.

Cell Phone Conditions:

Flawless (if all of the following is true):

Works perfectly
No cracked screen or damaged hardware.
Every thing works perfectly. Has zero scratches.

Good (if the following is true):

Your phone is in great working order with some minor cosmetic signs of wear
Few or no scratches.
No cracked screen or damaged hardware.
Everything works perfectly.

Cracked (if any of the following is true):

Does not power on
Cracked or cracked LCD screen
Cracked, cracked, or missing parts (buttons, charging port, battery cover, etc.)
Can not be activated for service
Critical features can not be used (touch screen, camera, etc.)

We discourage any theft or scams. We do not buy Lost/Stolen phones OR Financed phones with remaining balance?
If you have a reported lost or stolen phone. Please contact the manufacturer, the carrier or your local police.

If you have a phone with an outstanding balance, please contact us so we can reach a solution and get you the best payout.

Please Note: If we receive a lost or stolen phone, We will require your personal identification to send the phone back to you.
But if a phone is financed, we will call you to agree on a solution

Don’t worry. We will remove the engravings after the inspection process.
The price will not be deducted because of the engraving on the device.

After your friend has successfully sold their first device.
Your affiliate pay will be added to your account.

You can either get a cash payout using paypal or check
You can get 1.5X more of the cash payout when selling another device.

For example – If you sell a device for $250 and your affiliate payout is $15

You will get$250 + $22.5

Contact us, if you have any other questions

We are sorry, We do not buy any accessories at the moment.

We hope to expand in many other markets in the future, Stay Tuned.

But we pay more for your phone than anyone else so it covers the cost of your accessories.

You can send in your phone box or any other accessories that you have and request to be paid extra. But we cannot guarantee that you will get paid extra But you might.

Please Note: We will not return the accessories.

Yes you can, add whatever devices you want to sell to the box and follow instructions.

If you have any concerns or requests, please use the contact form.

You will receive a free USPS / FedEx shipping label through email after you have accepted the quote for your used electronics.

Reset your device
Deactivate your service
Turn off “Find My Iphone” or “Find my Mobile”

Check your email for a Free Shipping Label
Pack your Device in a Box
Drop it off at your nearest Fedex/USPS Location

Receive your Payment through Paypal within 2 Days.
Receive your Payment through mail within 10 days
Your Charity will receive Payment within 2 Days

Make sure you make your device with protection so it doesn’t get damaged during the shipment process.
Use bubble wrap and extra protection if needed.

We’re committed to give you the best customer service possible.
If you need help, Please contact us using this form or personally emailing us at [email protected]
Contact Us

We do not ask our customers for any personal identifications, unless the phone is reported lost or stolen.
Please Note: We may ask for personal identifications if we suspect something is wrong.

How it works – Every item sent to us is hand evaluated by a member of our team based on the information you provided. If our evaluation does not match up with the one you completed online, the offer may decrease or increase accordingly.

Revised Offers – If your offer changes for any reason, you will receive an adjustment email on the day of inspection with the new value and an explanation of any changes to your offer. If you disagree with our revised offer, we will gladly return your item.

Please Note :If you do not respond to our email and we do not hear back from you regarding the revised offer after 5 days, the new offer will be automatically accepted on your behalf and your revised payment will be sent to you. If your offer is revised and you believe there has been a mistake, you can contact us using the Contact Form

The best way to prevent an offer drop is by providing as accurate an initial assessment as possible. If you need assistance determining the condition of your device(s), please visit our “Determining the Condition of My Item” page. It is also very common for customers to select the wrong model on our website. If you are not sure the exact model you have, please contact us and ask for a callback in regards to determining a model number.
We are here to help!

Refer a friend

Every time you refer a friend to Ekbuyers, you BOTH save $15

Login into your Account and Find Refer a Friend TAB.

Fill the simple form and you earn $15 when he sells his phone using your .provided coupon code.

We buy Smart Phones | Tablets | iPods | Smart Watches

List of Smart Phone Brands:

Apple | HTC | LG | Samsung | Motorola | Black Berry | Nokia

List of Tablet Brands:

Apple | Amazon | Google | Microsoft | Samsung


List of Smart Watches Brands:

Apple | LG | Motorola | Samsung

Computers, Laptops and more coming soon.

You will receive a free USPS / FedEx shipping label through email after you have accepted the quote for your used electronics.

You have 3 different Choices.

You can get paid via paypal ( You get paid within 2 days after we receive your device ).
You can get paid via Check ( Takes about 10 days after we receive your device ).
Donate to Charity of your Choice ( Your Charity gets paid immediately after we receive your device ).

how it works

Get Instant Quote

  • Find the device that you wish to trade-in.
  • Answer a couple of questions about the device.
  • Accept the Quote

Ship Item

  • Check your email for a free shipping label.
  • Use the shipping label to ship your old device.

Get Paid

  • As soon as we receive the device, we will inspect it.
  • You will get paid within 2 days of us receiving it.


Ek Buyers never sells or shares any of your personal information.
Additionally, during our inspection process all devices receive a full wipe and factory restore during the inspection.
If we find any SIM or memory cards that you forget to take out. We contact you before we take the next step,
We either destroy them or return it back to you if you need it.


Ek Buyers allows consumers to sell their used electronics in a fast, easy and a safe way for cash.
Ek Buyers purchase many varieties of used electronics, such as cellphones, tablets, smartwatches and more.

If you have a used gadget that is no good to you or you would like to upgrade to a new one, it’s a good idea to sell your old device rather than throwing it in the drawer or landfills. With Ek Buyers, you can sell used electronics at excellent prices and make cash quick and easy.

New, Cracked, refurbished or abused – you can still sell it!

People often think that a roughly used electronics device might not have a resale value. Most don’t even bother with broken and refurbished gadgets. However, at Ek Buyers, we buy all kind of electronics in all kinds of conditions, from perfect to completely broken.

Free Shipping

With Ek Buyers, you don’t have to worry about paying for the shipping of your used electronic device. Simply find
your device, Get an instant quote, and you receive a free shipping label. Use the shipping label to ship the device and get paid with 48 Hours of us receiving the device.

Get Cash for that old device you don’t use

As soon as we receive your old device, we inspect it and send out your payout using PayPal, check or we donate it to the non-profit organization of your choice.

Paypal Payouts : Get paid within 48 Hours of us receiving the device
Check Payouts: We mail the check, takes 4-10 Business Days
Charity Donation: We donate the payout to the organization of your choice.
Best market rates, always!

One thing that we guarantee to all our customers is that they get the best prices every time they trust Ek Buyers to sell used electronics. We work on bringing you the best cash price for your used electronics so that your sale is well worth the money. We offer price match guarantee, price matching the payouts to Trade-in Companies, Manufacturers and Carriers.

No! Not at all
Ek Buyers is here to take out all the hassles in the process of selling a device.
So No more accounts, No more passwords, No more wasting time.
You just have to use a simple form and that’s it.
No passwords.
No danger of security theft.

We like to keep everything safe, fast and especially easy.

But we do offer a free account ( It’s not required )
It would help with old trade-ins, special offers and to keep track of all your preferences and details