How it works – Every item sent to us is hand evaluated by a member of our team based on the information you provided. If our evaluation does not match up with the one you completed online, the offer may decrease or increase accordingly.

Revised Offers – If your offer changes for any reason, you will receive an adjustment email on the day of inspection with the new value and an explanation of any changes to your offer. If you disagree with our revised offer, we will gladly return your item.

Please Note :If you do not respond to our email and we do not hear back from you regarding the revised offer after 5 days, the new offer will be automatically accepted on your behalf and your revised payment will be sent to you. If your offer is revised and you believe there has been a mistake, you can contact us using the Contact Form

The best way to prevent an offer drop is by providing as accurate an initial assessment as possible. If you need assistance determining the condition of your device(s), please visit our “Determining the Condition of My Item” page. It is also very common for customers to select the wrong model on our website. If you are not sure the exact model you have, please contact us and ask for a callback in regards to determining a model number.
We are here to help!